Monday, October 4, 2010

My First Wonderful Reaction

I just received an inbox on Facebook from some person I have never met in my life, it's fucking strange but far more awesome than it is fucking strange. It's more than likely a joke, but further enjoyable than what I've been writing.

Here it is motherfuckers (enjoy);

"High, my names Ryan Thompson, You dont know me but i feel as if this blog is sent by our lord and savior! you see i asked god earlier this day to send me a way to find a wife to marry so i can loose my virginity and then this popped up! not only have you restored my faith in black jesus but given me the direction my life so needs right now, i dont believe in masturbation... as im now religiously saved.. again.

Father is home now so i must go but will be following eagerly. and really.. i love you for this mwa mwa mwa ex oh ex oh toodles"

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