Friday, October 1, 2010


Failing to directly consult the point at hand is often a continuously occurring issue many of us mere mortals face. The ability to avoid the metaphorical elephant in the room is something we all seem to learn to do as we age and the situations we are pushed in front of enlarge themselves before our eyes. The funny thing is that you're more than likely reading this with an ultimately fucking bored, blank and utterly uninterested look perched firmly upon your face. If I were to be writing about avoiding life situations and not directly tackling your problems (something shit boring and fucking ridiculously 'let's have a life lesson' like), I would have the exact same expression, so I'm not. I'm talking about beating around the bush, the fine art of picking up women.


  1. Yeah, take a swig of reality, gargle with the awkward and spit the fucking truth.
    Liking the style yo

  2. i think we looking at a potential pick-up artist here. let's see what advice Mr.Krause has for the bushbeaters of today. Mystery better watch his back. Looking forward to the next post....
    isn't more than one woman spelled women???

  3. Haha. Spelling error corrected, thanks. Keep your eyes open for further attempts at aggravating and confusing the people of todays world. Peace out.